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Mechanisms of Muscle Function
fatigue and oxidative stress

Coordinator: Prof. Yiannis Koutedakis

Principal Investigator: Assoc. Professor Christina Karatzaferi


Research Consortium

Aim: to reveal critical factors and mechanisms regulating function in ureamic skeletal muscle, being directly or indirectly responsible for the extreme fatigue and weakness in RD.

Work-packages: The study of skeletal muscle from ureamic rabbits (WP2) will allow us to: (i) biochemically and metabolically characterise ureamic muscle (WP3), (ii) asses morphology, motor proteins expression and post-translational modifications (WP4), and (iii) measure functional characteristics of single ureamic muscle fibres in response to fatigue (WP5) and oxidative stress, including small molecules testing (WP6).

Expected results: Our reports and research articles will constitute a tremendous progress in our understanding of the biochemical/metabolic/functional effects of renal disease, and will dictate future developments of pharmaceuticals and/or other interventions to help improve skeletal muscle function and metabolism in patients with various chronic diseases.

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